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Changi East announces massive Terminal 5 construction by 2020

Source: Karamjit Kaur, The Straits Times

The construction of an enormous passenger terminal beside the existing Changi Airport will begin around 2020, says CAG’s assistant general manager, Mr Marken Ang.

With around 20,000 estimated workers, Changi East partners with multiple technology companies to uphold utmost construction site safety and security, such as e-tracking and virtual geo-fencing.

One of which is Echol with eGuardian Trace, also known as safety and health monitoring solution.

“…Among the new measures being introduced was the opening, last month, of a checkpoint at the worksite to monitor human and vehicle movements in and out of the premises. The facility can currently handle up to 500 vehicles and 8,000 workers per hour. Workers entering the airfield are issued with a transponder daily, which they must return when they leave the area. Virtual fences are pre-programmed into a system. Should a worker cross the fence into the restricted area, an alarm will be triggered to alert the duty managers.” – Karamjit Kaur, The Straits Times

LTA’s Annual Safety Award Convention gives recognition to contractors and project safety committees

Source: Cheryl Leow, Land Transport Authority

Echol believes technology exists to empower human capabilities. We take care of the mundane tasks for you so you can focus on making a meaningful difference.
At the LTA’s Annual Safety Awards and Convention 2018, we demonstrated how our suite of solutions, specifically the eGuardian Trace and eGuardian Manage are catering to corporations such as the LTA.
Designed with our proprietary humanised technology framework, our clients enjoy total peace-of-mind as we get to work to protect and guard their workforce.

Changi Airport Group celebrates major wins for 2018 and gives recognition to partners

Echol has yet again showcased its powerful e-tracking solutions: eGuardian TRACE for personnel and vehicle tracking and management and eSentinel COMMAND for construction site management platform.

eGuardian TRACE is currently deployed at Changi East to monitor site personnel to detect any incursion.

We evangelise technology to empower our human capabilities and safeguard our workforce.

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